Change Things Up With Bakery-Fresh Artisan Breads

Begin to look for artisan foods when shopping at your favorite markets and bakeries. For example, artisan breads are homemade and handcrafted, without chemical preservatives; these breads are tasty and textured, bringing a new flair to a favorite filling. In this instance, your baker is the 'artisan' that crafts the bread from scratch, from mixing to baking.

Change-up your favorite sandwich with an artisan-style bread:

French Baguettes

Ask your baker about fresh-baked French baguettes and enjoy simply, with high-quality butter and thinly- sliced, salted radishes. Another classic French favorite is to enjoy still-warm baguettes with an aged cheese and a glass of wine outside or for a picnic. Add some fresh heirloom tomatoes during summer months.

Farm-style Bread

Fall and winter are the perfect time for hearty and satisfying Farm-style breads, like sourdough and potato bread. These breads are soft and dense, perfect for rich fillings like salty ham, soft cheese, or mayo-based salads. These artisan breads are also delicious toasted with a generous slathering of salted butter and fruit preserves for a tea-time snack.

Flavored Focaccia

The beauty of a good Focaccia bread is that it doesn't need toppings – they are already baked-in! However, a fresh-baked Focaccia does pair nicely with a bit of dipping-oil, such as garlic infused olive oil or balsamic vinaigrette. Serve with your favorite cheese, olives, and Giardiniera as an appetizer with drinks or a light summer supper.  

Whole-grain and Stone-ground

Feed your family whole-grain and stone-ground breads with hearty but healthy toppings; try slices of grilled eggplant or thick sliced tomato dressed with oil and vinegar. The texture of these artisan wheat breads is perfect for toasting, creating a crusty exterior that is tender inside. Treat yourself to a couple slices lightly toasted with your favorite nut-butter for breakfast or snack.

Chewy Ciabatta

Chewy ciabatta is a hearty and satisfying bread that is found at bakeries widely. The texture of ciabatta pairs well with soups and stews, but it also makes a sturdy bread for sandwich spreads and fillings. Try something as simple as egg and chicken salad or homemade pimento cheese spread on this firm and flavorful bread for picnics or bagged lunches.

Visit your favorite bakery and ask about any fresh-baked artisan breads that they may offer. Try these suggestions to bring a fresh flair to your filling, perhaps creating something new that the whole family can enjoy. Taste the care and craftsmanship of the artisan baker with each delicious bite!